Zeegma Puur — steam mop

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  • Steam Power — 1500 W
  • Instantly ready to work — 25 seconds
  • 7 replaceable tips

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A power of 1500 W is a guarantee of a strong stream of steam which successfully removes dirt.

The device is ready to clean surfaces in only 25 seconds, which is signaled by a built-in LED light.

A wide range of tips allows you to flexibly adapt functions of the equipment to the cleaned surface.

Handy cleaning equipment – Zeegma Puur steam mop

A modern mop – Zeegma Puur – with a power of 1500 W and capacity of 19 ml/min perfectly removes even the most stubborn dirt. It has disinfecting properties, killing up to 99,97% of bacteria and microorganisms, and neutralizes unpleasant odors. It succeeds in cleaning various surfaces – tiles, carpets, upholstery, mirrors, glass or floor panels, with no need to use detergents.

Functional and precise

How much time do you think it needs to be ready to work? 25 seconds is enough to make sure the Zeegma Puur steam mop gets ready for use. A smooth steam stream control and a moving head allow you to precisely clean any kind of surface. Thanks to an ergonomic grip and a possibility of detaching a handle, you can transform the device into a handy pressure washer which can perfectly clean slits and folds, e.g. by the stairs. The unit is able to operate continuously for up to 20 minutes!

Zeegma Puur — steam mop

Mop parowy Zonder Puur - wyposażenie

A steam mop for panels and other

  • Textile pad — to iron clothes;
  • Carpet pad;
  • Glass pad;
  • Turbo nozzle — for small and very dirty spots;
  • Angular nozzle — for hard-to-access areas;
  • Scraper — used to quickly remove deposits, burnt food or caked fat;
  • Set of brushes in various sizes — performs well in cleaning ovens, microwave ovens, grouts, bathtubs or shower cubicles;
  • 4 microfiber pads — to clean hard surfaces, floors or paneling.

Interesting design and accessories

If you are still wondering which steam mop to choose, get Zeegma Puur! The product has an elegant design, and its use is convenient and simple. The set includes 7 replaceable tips, 2 water filters (sufficient for 2 years of use), a water tank (370 ml) and a cable 5 m long for easier relocation.

Zeegma Puur — steam mop

More Information
Power1500 W
Power supply230 V
Performance19 ml/min
Tank capacity370 ml
Heating time25s
Continuous operation time20 min
Pressure1 bar
Operating tempetature90-105 oC
Power cord5 m
Dimensions32,5 x 23,5 x 120 cm
Product weight2,6 kg
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