Zeegma manufactures modern household appliances in three categories – kitchen, cleaning and health. Our products are based on innovative technologies – for example fast and precise juicers, perfect robotic vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners and air humidifiers, as well as accessories which supplement Zeegma goods to make them fully functional. Thanks to our long-lasting experience, we have know-how related to technologies, while high awareness of users’ current needs lets us create new and ergonomic products for home use.

We perfectly know how important it is to create stylish household appliances. In designing, we focus on the Dutch concept – timeless, minimalistic and elegant! We work on details in order to create functional solutions aimed at supplementing interiors, supporting the idea of a sustainable and happy living.

We do our best to combine the visual form, modern technologies and practical application – we believe that only such a combination can provide users with comfort, satisfaction and effectiveness in their everyday life.

Zeegma — Home completed

zeegma home completed