Zeegma Draden — steamer

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  • Big power of 1000 W and pressure of 3 bars
  • Instantly ready to work
  • 9 cleaning tips

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Big power of 1000 W and pressure of 3 bars

Instantly ready to work

9 cleaning tips

The power of 1000 W and high pressure of 3 bars guarantee effective removal of stubborn dirt.

Short heating-up time means shorter cleaning time.

9 handy tips let you wash any kind of surface – floors, doors, windows, mirrors and carpets.

Zeegma Draden steamer — cleans hard-to-access spots

A robust steamer – Zeegma Draden 1000 W – successfully removes dirt from various surfaces. Thanks to high pressure (3 bars) and high efficiency (30 ml/min), it is possible to easily get rid of stubborn stains. A wide range of accessories (9 replaceable tips) allow you to clean any surface.

Wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa do soków Zeegma Sap 40RPM 150W
Myjka parowa Zeegma Draden 1000W 3 bary

Cleaning without chemical substances

A high temperature (110°C) effectively disinfects surfaces, eliminates bacteria and microorganisms with no need to use detergents. A hot water steam succeeds in counteracting dirt in hard-to-access areas.

Professional steamer – compact and handy

Thanks to its small size and ergonomic grip, it is easy to use, carry and store the product. A start key lock and protection against opening when water in the container is hot guarantee top security.

Myjka parowa Zeegma Draden 1000W 3 bary
Myjka parowa Zeegma Draden 1000W 3 bary

9 replaceable tips

  • Standard nozzle — to clean most surfaces. A strong stream of steam defeats dirt completely.
  • Hard hair — to clean hard surfaces, such as flooring or terrace. It can successfully remove stubborn and long-lasting dirt.
  • Metal hair — to clean metal surfaces. It performs well on hard and scratch-resistant elements.
  • Turbo nozzle — for the dirties areas. It raises the steam pressure and effectively disinfects the surface in question.
  • Angular nozzle — designed for hard-to-access or covered areas.
  • Cloth (2 pieces) — to clean upholstery, carpets and fabric surfaces. It absorbs dirt and hard-to-remove stains, yet does not affect the fabric structure.
  • Squeegee with flat-surface pad — for mirrors, glass and shower cubicles. It successfully deals with caked dirt and does not leave streaks.
  • Extension — it is pliable and flexible so that reaching hard-to-access spots gets easier.

Why to choose Zeegma Draden steamer?

A small size and universal application of the steamer for windows, car, oven and other hard-to-access spots are unquestionable advantages of this Zeegma product. It is always advisable to keep it at hand! The set includes 9 replaceable tips and a measure with a funnel which support you in filling the container in.

Myjka parowa Zeegma Draden 1000W 3 bary

More Information
Power1000 W
Performance30 gr/min
Tank capacity350 ml (optimum fill of 250ml)
Heating time2:30 minutes
Continuous operation time8 minutes
Pressure3 bar
Operating tempetature110 oC
AccessoriesChild safety
Dimensions28,5 x 14x 22,8 cm
Product weight1,23 kg
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