Effective cleaning in a modern technology

See a new line of cleaning devices responsible for cleanliness at home, providing comfort to users and saving time. Designed on the basis of a Dutch style and innovative solutions, they match modern interiors, making them stylish and elegant. A simple and intuitive use of devices proves effective for cleaning various kinds of surfaces and refreshing clothes.

Classic and automatic vacuum cleaners

Relax for a while as your automatic vacuum cleaner is taking care of your carpets and floors on its own. The application, integrated with the device, allows you to control and manage operation of the cleaner no matter where you are, and this is a guarantee of a clean home even when you go on holidays. A multi-functional and handy steam cleaner - Zeegma Draden - lets you focus on details. Thanks to a vast array of tips, you can perfectly clean hard-to-access spots.  

Higher hygiene level

Steamers, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and a UV lamp assure perfect cleanliness at home, with no risk of harmful germs or microorganisms. Cleaning up, sanitizing and disinfecting are tasks of modern technologies fulfilled by Zeegma cleaners with your family’s health and good mood in mind!