Household accessories by Zeegma

The main task of small domestic appliances is to prolong the life of a cleaning or cooking device. Replaceable filters, sieves and pads are able to face this challenge. Thanks to these small and functional accessories, you can longer use high-standard modern kitchen devices and cleaning equipment by Zeegma, a Dutch brand.

Indispensable household accessories for cooking and cleaning

The range of cleaning accessories includes brushes, tips and HEPA filters for bagless vacuum cleaners. As for kitchen accessories, there are sieves and pushers which help you prepare healthy and delicious smoothies and juices. Our air humidifiers take care of a suitable humidity level in your house. In the group of small domestic appliances, you can find an indispensable filter which must be exchanged on a regular basis to make sure your device remains operational and efficient. Choose convenient solutions by Zeegma.