Zeegma Zonder Base Jet — cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner

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  • Cyclonic technology – PowerSuction
  • Suction power control – up to 20000 Pa
  • Turbo brush

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Technologia cyklonowa
Regulacja mocy ssania

Cyclonic technology

Suction power control

Turbo brush

It causes the air to whirl, effectively separating the dust and other pollutants.

It influences the power of flow, loudness and energy consumption.

It additionally removes dirt from the surface in question to guarantee impeccable purity.

Effective cleaning with Zeegma Zonder Base Jet

When a traditional vacuum cleaner does not prove effective, choose a bagless variant – Zeegma Zonder Base! The improved cyclonic technology makes it perfect at counteracting dust, bacteria and microorganisms (hard surface cleaning efficacy – A class). A strong suction strength (up to 20 000 Pa) combined with a double HEPA filter system (the best dust filtration – A class) is a guarantee of impeccable purity. Efficiency, energy efficiency (A rated) and a vast array of tips assure effective and comfortable work.

Zeegma Zonder Base Jet — cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner
Zeegma Zonder Base Jet — cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner

With health and security in mind

Zonder Base Jet is supplied with 2 HEPA filters which eliminate as many as 99,97% of pollutants – fungi, bacteria and mites, which is exceptionally important to allergy sufferers. You can repeatedly clean the filters, keeping hygiene at a high level for a long time. Temperature and filter cleanliness sensors secure against overheating - Base Jet shuts down automatically when filters are excessively dirty or when water must be replaced.

Comfort in everyday cleaning with a cyclonic vacuum cleaner

Zeegma Zonder Base Jet is equipped with a 5-meter cable (total range of 8 m) and an automatic roll-up key. A large and ergonomic grip facilitates carriage, while a smaller extra grip allows you to conveniently attach the telescopic tube together with a broad tip. A capacious dust tank (2 l) can be easily emptied and cleaned.

Zeegma Zonder Base Jet — cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner
Zeegma Zonder Base Jet — cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner

Extra accessories for Base Jet

The product contains a wide range of accessories – a metal chromium-plated telescopic tube, a flexible tube, a hard and soft floor pad, a turbo brush, a slit pad 2in1, a round pad with brush, a soft surface pad and 2 HEPA filters for multiple use. Thanks to them, Zeegma Zonder Base Jet is reliable in any conditions – choose and see yourself!

More Information
Power899 W
Suction power20000 PA
Dust container2 l
Energy efficiency classA
Operating volume78 dB
Vacuuming efficiency on hard floorsA
Vacuuming efficiency on carpetsC
Dust reemissionA
FiltersHEPA H13, exhaust HEPA
Power cordRetractable, 5m
Product weight4,93 kg
FunctionsProtection against overheating, rubber wheels
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