Zeegma Planeet Chef Grey — planet mixer

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  • High performance
  • Practical bowl – 6.5 l
  • Teflon-coated accessories

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Praktyczna misa – 6,5 l
Akcesoria pokryte teflonem




Thanks to an efficient motor with a peak power of 2200 W, you can precisely mix, knead and whip various dough, pastes or creams.

A unique stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 6,5l is supplied with a handy anti-splash cover used to make sure your kitchen remains clean.

3 handy tips – hook, stirrer and stick.

Robot planetarny Zeegma Planet Chef Grey

Zeegma Planeet Chef Grey - reliable food processor

Zeegma Planeet Chef is a convenient equipment for preparing pastes of different consistencies. The powerful motor and large 6.5-liter bowl with handle will work well for making creams, doughs and sauces for the whole family. You can choose from 6 modes and a pulse gear to help break down tough ingredients. If you like to bake and cook, you will quickly appreciate its advantages, which will improve your work and help keep your kitchen tidy. Check out its possibilities!

Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer

Three practical tips included!

  • Hook – used to knead hard dough for bread, pizza, pasta or dumplings.
  • Stirrer – ideal for sticky pastes, such as batter, creams or sauces. It is also useful if you wish to prepare pastes or vegetable purée. A tip in the shape of a Z letter and silicone collectors make the dough carefully mixed and collected from the edges of the bowl.
  • Stainless steel stick – perfect for light dough, such as a whipped cream, pudding, birthday cake cream or mayonnaise. It is precise in mixing and airing at the same time.

Easy cooking with Zeegma Planeet Chef Grey

Thanks to the excellent splash cover, you can add ingredients without the risk of staining your countertop. And when the dough is ready, the bowl's ergonomic handle will help you transfer it to a board or baking tray. The ThermoFuse system will prevent overheating and a special lock will prevent the machine from turning on with the head raised. The device is stable thanks to its non-slip feet and even at the highest speed it does not move on the countertop.

Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer
Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer

You can wash the accessories in the dishwasher

In the set you will get a hook, a wand and a stirrer, which are coated with Teflon. Food does not stick to them and they are easier to clean. The bowl with handle is made of stainless steel – so it is durable and, along with other accessories, dishwasher safe. With its practical elements, you'll quickly see how comfortable Zeegma Planeet Chef is.

More Information
Dimensions43,7 x 27 x 36,5 cm
Nominal power1500 W
Peak power2200 W
Bowl capacity6,5 L (+/- 5%)
Number of gears7
Pulse functionTak
Protection against overheatingYes
Teflon-coated accessoriesTak
Power indicatorBiałe podświetlenie LED
Stopping work when the head is raisedTak
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