ZEEGMA CURE BLACK - massage gun

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  • 12 interchangeable heads
  • 7 operating modes
  • LCD touchscreen display

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Zeegma Cure - massage gun

Our gun is your private massage therapist that you can always have on hand. It is equipped with 12 variable tips, operating in seven different modes. This makes the device very versatile. For larger muscle areas, a ball-type head will be great, guaranteeing a massage of medium intensity. The l-shaped one will cope with the vertebral region, and the flat one will effectively reach even the deepest tissues with a heavily compacted structure. The paddle tip can be used for larger muscle areas. And for those around the bone, a cork head will work best. 

Pistolet do masazu

The perfect solution to pain

Are you familiar with the feeling of tense shoulders after overworking? The Zeegma Cure massage gun has a four-arm head, which will be ideal for relaxing them. In the fight against unwanted puffiness will cope with this type of arch, and with cellulite in the shape of the letter “T”. The most versatile is the thumb-shaped attachment, used for relaxation massage. Lovers of stronger sensations can choose a toothed head or this bullet type. On the other hand, the most tense parts of the muscles will be handled very well by the pneumatic head.

High quality performance

The Zeegma Cure massage gun was created with convenience in mind. The LCD touchscreen display gives you the ability to, among other things, easily change the operating mode or check the energy level of the device. On a single charge, the 2500 mAh lithium battery is capable of 3 to 6 hours of operation. When needed, you can quickly charge it with a charger with a USB C-type tip. You don't have to part with your favorite massager even when traveling. You can take the whole thing with you by packing the device in the handy carrying case included in the set.

Zeegma f

With not only relaxation in mind, but also safety 

The Zeegma Cure massage gun is completely safe. It operates between 1200 and a maximum of 3800 revolutions per minute and has protection against excessive use. An additional advantage is a sensor that, when pushed harder, increases the power of rotation and gear. But due to health concerns, after 15 minutes of operation, the device will automatically turn off, which is a safeguard against exceeding the massage time.


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