Zeegma Zonder Robo Next — robotic vacuum cleaner

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  • HEPA filter
  • Map generation
  • Mop pad

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Filtr HEPA
Tworzenie map
Nakładka mopująca

HEPA filter

Map generation

Mop pad

An anti-allergic HEPA filter successfully eliminates harmful microorganisms, dust and bacteria.

The Android- and iOS-based application is used to monitor operation of the product, generate the map of the cleaned surface and remotely set the work schedule.

Thanks to the pad, Zonder Robo Next can effectively wash panels and tiles.

Universal robotic vacuum cleaner – Zeegma Zonder Robo Next

If you wish to reduce your cleaning time to the benefit of your own interests or entertainment, choose Zonder Robo Next! This is an advanced device which will take care of your parquet floor, panels, tiles and carpets for you. Power control, 6 operating modes and a mop pad let you carefully clean various surfaces. Motion sensors (as many as 15 anti-collision sensors) allow mapping the area and the product can be controlled via the application, which is very convenient

Multiple modes of operation

SMART mode (default) – the user can schedule cleaning and the cleaner selects the way of cleaning,
SPOT mode (local) – in this mode, Zonder Robo Next goes spirally in the designated area until the specific space is fully clean,
ALONG WALLS mode (edges cleaning) – cleaning with special regard to cavities in walls, furniture and baseboards,
3 SUCTION MODES (automatic, silent, turbo) – this is an intensive cleaning mode (from 1500 to 2150 Pa) which uses a top vacuuming strength. It is perfect for sheet flooring and carpets,
SCHEDULED mode allows you to set the start time and schedule regular days of cleaning,
DAMPENING mode designed for simultaneous vacuuming and washing.

Zeegma Zonder Robo Next — robotic vacuum cleaner
Odkurzacz automatyczny Zeegma Zonder Robo 1500PA

Your schedule, its cleaning!

A smart robotic vacuum cleaner – Zeegma Robo Next – is compatible with a dedicated Smart Life application intended for mobile devices (Android, iOS). You can use it to remotely activate the device, control it and monitor its operation. Robo Next is an advanced Smart device which connects to Amazon Alexa and Google Home so that you can manage it through voice commands. The vacuum cleaner can also be used by means of a supplied remote control.

Zeegma Robo Next - perfect for allergy sufferers

A HEPA filter eliminates as many as 99,97% of pollutants, including dust, bacteria, mites and fungal spores which may increase allergic reactions. What is more, to strengthen the impact of the HEPA filter, the product has been equipped with an additional sponge filter and mechanical filter. A long-lasting battery guarantees 120 minutes of operation with no charging. When Zeegma Robo Next needs power, it returns to the docking station on its own. An exceptionally silent device (ca. 50 dB) does not disturb while you are resting or working at home.

Zeegma Zonder Robo Next — robotic vacuum cleaner
Odkurzacz automatyczny Zeegma Zonder Robo 1500PA

Compact and versatile equipment

Zeegma Robo Next is only 7,6 cm tall so that it is capable of reaching hard-to-access areas, e.g. under the bed or kitchen cabinets. A central brush cooperates with 2 edge brushes which dynamically rotate to collect dirt from wall and corner slits. A large dust container (800 ml) assures a long operation with no need to empty it on a frequent basis. The set includes a spare HEPA filter and two interchangeable side brushes, as well as a microfiber mop pad and water tank (180 ml) which allow you to combine washing and vacuuming.

More Information
Suction powerFrom 1500 to 2150 Pa
Dust container800 ML
Water tank180 ML
Power supplyBattery 2600 mAh LI-ION
Battery lifeUp to 120 minutes
Charging time4 hours
Automatic chargingYes
SensorsGyroscope, 15 anti-collision sensors, physical sensor and anti-drop sensor
Hepa filterYes
Cleaning functionsSmart, Spot, Along the walls, 3 suction modes, Scheduled, Moisture
Wet floor cleaning functionYes
FunctionsWi-Fi, App, Voice control, Remote control
DimensionsDiameter 32 cm, Height 7.6 cm
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