Zeegma Vers UV Grand - automatic air humidifier

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  • Sterilizing UV lamp
  • Ionization function
  • Hygrometer and humidistat
  • Large water tank – 8 liters

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For the sake of the upper respiratory tract

The Zeegma Vers UV Grand air humidifier has a sterilizing UV lamp that neutralizes harmful bacteria and germs in the outgoing mist. The high design of the device allows for better distribution and no condensation in the lower part of the humidifier. To ensure the best possible air quality in the room, the product is also equipped with an ionization function. Ionic balance makes it difficult for allergens to float in the room, reduces the amount of dust and harmful microorganisms in the air. Ionization also has a positive effect on concentration and mood.

Nawilżacz powietrza Zeegma  UV
 Zeegma  UV

Humidity level control

With the Zeegma Vers UV Grand air humidifier, you can choose from three levels of mist output: low, high and auto. Rotating nozzles allow it to be directed and better distributed. A built-in hygrometer checks the humidity value, and an auto function makes sure that when the humidity level falls below a certain value, the humidifier resumes operation on its own.

Time to relax

Add a few drops of essential oil to a special container and enjoy the aromatherapy function that relaxes, and helps you relax. You can also fall asleep peacefully next to it. When you turn on the sleep mode function, the device turns off the backlight and works so quietly that you can easily take a nap, and the built-in timer gives you the opportunity to schedule the end of the operation of the humidifier.

Zeegma  UV
Zeegma Vers UV

Comfortable use

The Zeegma Vers UV Grand air humidifier is equipped with an intuitive touch-screen control panel. You can also operate it from a distance using the remote control. You can easily refill the water level through the top lid, and the tank holds as much as 8 liters of water at a time. The Zeegma Vers UV Grand air humidifier is energy efficient - its power consumption is 25W. The output is 250-300 ml/h, and the ultra-quiet operation is within the volume level of up to 35 dB.


More Information
ModelVers UV Grand White
Power25 W
Performance250-300 ml/h
Room size25 m2
Dimensions19,7 x 20,5 x 29,9 cm
Tank capacity8L
Aromatherapy functionYes
Filtr wodyCeramiczny
Tryby pracy3 working modes
Noise level35 dB
Power supply network
Battery life25 h
Remote controlYes
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