Zeegma Sap Pro — vertical slow juicer

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  • 8 automatic operating modes
  • 3 sieves with various mesh thickness
  • Large inlet — 78 mm

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Zeegma Sap Pro allows you to adapt the operating mode to the structure of fruits and vegetables.

A set of sieves with various mesh thickness lets you enjoy your favorite consistency of juices, smoothies and sorbets.

As the inlet is large, you can put entire fruits and vegetables in, with no need to cut them into pieces.

Wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa Zeegma Sap Pro

Zeegma Sap Pro slow juicer — top nutritional value in juice, cocktail and sorbet

Zeegma Sap Pro is the best juicer used to prepare velvet fruit and vegetable juices, as well as ice-cream or nut milk. The Slow Squeez mode (50-60 rotations/minute) allows you to maintain all nutritional values of your products. A specially designed auger presses even more juice. Thanks to a large inlet (78 mm), you can put entire fruits and vegetables in. Test it in your own kitchen!

Zeegma Sap Pro — vertical slow juicer

8 operating modes

  • Hard mode – to juice hard fruits and vegetables, for example carrots or celery.
  • Medium mode – for medium-hard products, e.g. apples or pears.
  • Soft mode – for soft fruits and vegetables, e.g. citruses, strawberries, watermelons, tomatoes.
  • Mixed Juice mode – for hard and soft fruits and vegetables.
  • Vegetable mode – for all vegetables.
  • Nuts Milk mode – perfect for nuts milk, for instance.
  • Sorbet mode – for sorbets of an intensive taste.
  • Washing mode — for initial cleaning. It removes remaining ingredients.

3 stainless steel sieves in Zeegma Sap Pro juicer

  • Sieve with large mesh — for thick juices.
  • Sieve with small mesh — for clear drinks.
  • Sieve without mesh — for refreshing sorbets.
Zeegma Sap Pro — vertical slow juicer
Zeegma Sap Pro — vertical slow juicer

Safe use

The high-class device with a powerful motor consumes little energy and remains silent. Zeegma Sap Pro is a solid juicer equipped with a reverse gear for withdrawing clogged pieces. A safe structure (BPA-free) is a sign of care for users’ health. Anti-skidding feet prevent the product from sliding over the kitchen counter.

Easy-to-clean and compact Zeegma Sap Pro juicer

It is easy and quick to wash the device thanks to the initial cleaning function which removes fruit residues. Sieves and hollows can be cleaned with the use of an eco-plastic brush, included in the set. Zeegma Sap Pro, a vertical juicer, takes little space in the kitchen. Its modern and steel-black style is universal and matches any interior.

Zeegma Sap Pro — vertical slow juicer
More Information
Power200 W
Speed of operation50-60 rpm
Operating volumeUnder 65 dB
Protection against overheatingYes
Tank capacity1 L
AccessoriesNon-slip pads, Non-drip plugs
Power cord1 m
Product weight3,5 kg
Dimensions33 x 17,5 x 51 cm
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