Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer

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  • Big power
  • Handy bowl – 6,5 l
  • Teflon-coated accessories

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Praktyczna misa – 6,5 l
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Thanks to an efficient motor with a peak power of 2200 W, you can precisely mix, knead and whip various dough, pastes or creams.

A unique stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 6,5l is supplied with a handy anti-splash cover used to make sure your kitchen remains clean.

3 handy tips – hook, stirrer and stick.

Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer

Zeegma Planeet Chef, a new-generation mixer

When your ordinary blender fails to meet your expectations, you need Zeegma Planeet Chef! It is reliable and perfect for production of cakes, creams and sauces. Thanks to an efficient motor (Peak Power of 2200 W), you can enjoy top efficacy at low energy consumption. 3 replaceable tips and a 6-level speed control perform well for making dough of various thickness and consistency. A pulse mode serves to mix ingredients fast.

Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer

3 tips for various applications

  • Hook – used to knead hard dough for bread, pizza, pasta or dumplings.
  • Stirrer – ideal for sticky pastes, such as batter, creams or sauces. It is also useful if you wish to prepare pastes or vegetable purée. A tip in the shape of a Z letter and silicone collectors make the dough carefully mixed and collected from the edges of the bowl.
  • Stainless steel stick – perfect for light dough, such as a whipped cream, pudding, birthday cake cream or mayonnaise. It is precise in mixing and airing at the same time.

Handy and safe Zeegma Planeet Chef

What makes Planeet Chef stand out is a large bowl with a capacity of 6,5 liter and a handy grip which can help you put the cake into the baking tin. An outstanding anti-splash cover guarantees the order and lets you freely add further ingredients. An easy installation supports the use – a distinctive „click” suggests correctness and readiness for work. Security is provided through the ThermoFuse technology, that is prevention of overheating and operation when the head is lifted. Non-slip feet prevent the product from sliding over the kitchen counter.

Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer
Zeegma Planeet Chef — planet mixer

Convenient on a daily basis

With Zeegma Planeet Chef, you don’t need to spend long hours on cleaning up. Blending tips are coated with Teflon – an easy-to-clean coating prevents food from clinging to the surface. What is more, both a stainless steel bowl and accessories can be washed in the dishwasher. That means comfort. Choose the compact device which performs perfectly in a small or large kitchen in any style!

More Information
Dimensions43,7 x 27 x 36,5 cm
Nominal power1500 W
Peak power2200 W
Bowl capacity6,5 L (+/- 5%)
Number of gears7
Pulse functionYes
Protection against overheatingYes
Teflon-coated accessoriesYes
Power indicatorWhite LED backlighting
Stopping work when the head is raisedYes
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